A Selection of Mechanical (wind-up) Toys And Novelties from an 1882 edition of the Automatic Toy Works Catalogue

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THE BEST DOLL EVER MADE. This unique toy, when wound up, creeps and imitates the movements of a baby in the most natural manner, moving its hands and feet alternately as it passes along, and as it occasionally turns its face towards the spectator, the resemblance to life is almost startling. Delights and pleases both old and young. Durably and elegantly made. Each doll is carefully packed in a substantial wooden box. Parents and friends of little girls send for one of these delightful dolls.

THE DELIGHT OF ALL GIRLS.— A CHARMING TOY, AND BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED A little girl is seated at a cabinet sewing-machine. On winding up the mechanism her feet begin to work the treadle, and the sewing-machine begins to sew rapidly; she leans forward, puts the work in position, watches it, occasionally rising up and bringing the work up to examine it. These movements are repeated for a long time. The little figure is elegantly dressed in the latest fashion. It combines the attractiveness of a beautiful French doll with the interest of life-like motion.

MECHANICAL BEAR. This wonderful toy imitates the movements of a bear, by means of clock-work, in the most life-like manner. The bear rises up on its hind legs, turns its head from side to side, growls, moves its paws, and snaps its jaws together. At intervals it gets down on its forepaws and goes through similar motions. It runs a long time, and while going it is difficult to believe it is not alive. It is elegantly made, and covered with fine fur. The mechanism is so strong and perfect, that only the greatest abuse can put it out of order. It amuses old as well as young, and is exceedingly attractive for a show window. It is conceded to be one of the most ingenious toys ever invented, on account of its variety of motion and resemblance to nature. Made in black and white fur.

A QUAINT AND AMUSING TOY. A man grinding scissors. When wound up he holds his scissors against the rapidly revolving stone, at the same time working the treadle with his leg. He stoops over his work, at intervals straightens up, and examines the scissors. It is very entertaining.

DRUM. This is also an attractive piece for small boys. It consists of a wheeled carriage, which supports the figure of a little man with cymbals and drum, which are alternately struck and beaten as the wheels revolve by propulsion.

GRANDMOTHER ROCKING CRADLE. This domestic picture is perfect in miniature. No grandmother, with all her experience, ever rocked a cradle more naturally or with more tranquilizing effect. While she rocks the cradle with her foot, with one hand she fans the infant sleeper, and with the other hand wipes her face with the handkerchief, and occasionally turns her head and views the situation with approval. This is a combination of the toys most coveted by little girls.

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