Index: New Year’s Festivities Throughout History

New Year’s In The Nineteenth Century And Before

To Janus, On New- Years Day – an 18th century poem

The Origins Of New Year (1822)

Mr. Wallace’s Scots Niceties For New Year’s Day | Currant Buns & Ale/Whiskey Beverage| 1824

History & Pagan Origin of New Year’s Day | 1831

New Year’s Banquet & Masquerade At The Winter Palace, St Petersburgh(1836)

A New Year’s Day In New York 1838

Catholic Flemish New Year (1843) Through The Eyes Of An English Visitor

Pagan Beliefs of New Year’s (1844)

Ancient New Year’s Superstitions In England (1858)

History Of New Year’s Day (1869)

New Year’s 1876 |Image |  Last Smoke First Light

Menu Suggestions For A New Year’s Dinner (1881)

New Year’s 1881 | Image | Turning Over The Sand Glass

The New And The Old | Image | (1882)

Historic Dessert Recipes: Dixie New Year’s Fruit Cake (1883)

Country House New Year’s Cake (1883)

Mrs.Arnold’s New Year’s Cakes(1885)

New Year’s 1886 | Father Time (Grim Reaper), New Year baby, Santa Claus and others in sleigh

Suggestions For A New Year’s Table In 1887

Father Time Rings In The New Year – 1887

Pagan New Year Father Time (Winged Chronos) delivers baby | 1889

New Year’s 1893 | Father Time (Grim Reaper) shakes hands with Santa Claus

Father Time Accompanies The New Year (Young boy) | 1895

New Year’s Day Gifts (1896) | Little Girl With Armful Of Toys

Children Celebrating New Year’s Day, 1898

New Year’s In The Twentieth Century

New Year’s 1903 | Image | Bonne et heureuse annee a tous!

New Year’s / Epiphany / Twelfth Night Image (1905)

New Year’s “Baby” | Image | 1922

New Year’s “Baby” | Image | 1923

New Year’s 1930 | Image | French Catholic Image of Jesus and dove

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