Index: Valentine’s Day Throughout History

Valentine Day History, Greeting Cards & Images

A St-Valentine Party In The Early 19th Century (1829)

Notes on St.Valentine’s Day Cards | 1834

St.Valentine’s Day |Young Hearts Leap … (1854)

A Satirical Look At Cupids And Valentine Cards | Valentine’s Day 1866

Old Fashioned (1869) Valentine Image: The Eve Of St. Valentine

Visit to an English “manufactory” Of Valentines in 1871

Making Valentine Cards At School In West Virginia (1871)

Valentine’s Day For the Young Englishwoman (1875)

Description English Valentines of 1875 | The Language of Flowers

Valentine Fancies (1878)

Old Fashioned Valentine Puzzles – 1879

History Of St.Valentine’s Day | 1880

L. Prang Valentine Cards -1883

Vintage Ad: Thomson’s Comic Valentines (1885)

La St Valentine (1885) | Engraving, Quebec

Home-made Valentine’s Day Cards (1888)

The History Of English Valentine Greeting Cards (1889)

Valentine Cards (19th/20th Century) Online At Montreal’s McCord Museum

History of Valentine’s Day In The Early Twentieth Century (1915)

St. Valentine Day Vintage Magazine Cover (1921) | Modern, girl with broken hearts

On Saying It With Greeting Cards (1932)

Ooh La La! Fashionable French Valentine Stamps

Valentine Day Celebrations (activities, parties, recipes)

Valentine Party In Italy (1866)

Bessie’s Valentine Cakes – A Victorian Recipe Poem, 1888

Fruit Jelly In A Heart-shaped Mold (1916)

Cupid Cakes (1916)

Children Will Like This Valentine Party by Sister Mary (1929)

Three Vintage Desserts | Bake Heart-shaped Cookies To Delight Children (1935)

Valentine Party for Children (1935) | Masquerade Gives chance For Novelties

Valentine’s Day Party Should Be Heart-y Event (1948)

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