Index: Easter Throughout History

Easter Food

Leg Of Lamb and Vegetable Souffle (1950)


Easter Jelly Dessert (1877) | “Jello” Nest With Blanc-Mange Eggs

Gleaming White Glory Cake Is A Real Easter Treat (1949)

Easter Plum Pudding (1877)

Recipe for Hot-Cross Buns (1887)

Maple-wax Easter Eggs – A Victorian Era Treat

Vintage Easter Desserts (1933) | Easter Egg Shells

Saffron Cake For Easter (1875)

Ancient Easter Dishes – Tansy

Easter Crafts

How To Make Your Own Easter Cards (1887)

Easter Dolls (1897) | A Victorian Era Craft

Easter Bonbon Box (1887)

Old Fashioned Easter Bonnets (1890)

European Easter Traditions (1887)

Easter Souvenirs (1890)


Old-Fashioned Easter Egg Crafts (1876)

History Of Easter Eggs: The Saturday Magazine (1839)

How To Color And Decorate Easter Eggs The Old Fashioned Way (1890)

Suggestions For Decorating Easter Eggs (1890s)

How To Color Easter Eggs (inc. coffee, spinach, onions) | 1896

Preparing Home-made Easter Eggs – Instructions From 1911

Easter Games

Old Fashioned Easter Games – Paas or Cracking the eggs (1831)

Old-fashioned Easter Games For Children – Stool-ball (1884)

Old Fashioned Easter Egg Games (1887)

Egg Games For Easter Parties (1890) From Different Festivals

Old Fashioned Easter Party Games – Eggshell Football (1908)

Old Fashioned Easter Games – Pussy Willow (1926)

Images of Easter

Rabbit Painting An Easter Egg (1910)

Traditional Images Of Rabbits (1884)

Easter Image Of Cupids On Egg Flying Into The Sunlight (1890)

Victorian Easter Tabletop Decoration – Easter Egg Stand

Illustrations From: Easter In Germany by F.E. Corne (1878)

Easter Chocolate And Jellybeans From The Sixties (1965)

Large-winged Angel with sacred chalice and flowers

Jesus Is Reborn: An Easter Magazine Cover From 1901

Old Fashioned Easter Postcards (1905) | Cartes Postales de Paques

Illustration Symbolizing Profane Aspects of Easter (1903)

A Vintage Easter Cover | Le Monde Illustre (Easter, 1901)

The Easter Egg Postage Stamps of Liechtenstein

Easter Souvenirs – Prang (1890)

The History And Origins of Easter

Hot-cross Buns – An Easter Tradition (1825)

Romances Of Eggs (1890)

The Origins and Symbolism of the Easter Egg, Bells, Colour Red etc. (1881)

German/American Easter Traditions & Superstitions – Egg-laying Rabbits (1882)

Easter And The Pagan Goddess Ostara

History of Easter: European Pagan and Christian Traditions & Superstitions

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One Response to Index: Easter Throughout History

  1. What a great fun collection of Easter stuff. Makes me want to try so many of the things you have listed.

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