German Christmas Candelabra (19th Century)

Saxon German Decoration | Mary & Jesus at the temple, train to BethlehemWe are all pleased when at Christmas the “mountain spider”, that is the candelabrum, hangs from the ceiling. Ours is particularly beautiful. On top there is a little temple with Mary and Jesus. Below, a train is taking a lot of people to Bethlehem to worship the child. The train is crowded.   

Excerpt: Toys, Trier, W. &  Seyffert, O.
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Olbernhau Nutcracker | History of Christmas Decorations and Traditions

Scrapbooking | Painting of original 19th century, traditional, historic nutcracker | rabbit-skin cap, beard

Mr. Nutcracker has a very big head. For this reason he can crack the largest nuts. He has a rabbit-skin cap, and his beard is remarkably like rabbit-skin too. His clothes are very coloured. He comes from Olbernhau.

Excerpt: Toys, Trier, W. &  Seyffert, O.
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Dance-Carol Of The Evergreen – So we will sing our even-song

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Moon - also symbol of Luna, Shiva, Sarasvati

New Index: Christmas in Canada Through Historical Images

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Chemistry Sets (ca.1930) | Series: A.C. Gilbert-Menzies (4/4)

Another great traditional childrens’ gift – the chemistry set!

Excerpt from Gilbert’s Catalogue  Of all the big sciences there are two which I think are the most interesting. One is Electricity, which I told you about on page 3, the other is Chemistry – and the two sciences are worked together in a great many cases. If you know Chemistry you will know how a great many of the things which are so necessary to your every day life are manufactured or grown. Chemistry tells you how dye is made for the clothes you wear. What the substance you call “lead” in the pencil you are writing with, really is. How soap is made. How your mother’s silverware is plated – and any number of interesting things like that. Wouldn’t you like to be able to make ammonia for your mother – or a bar of soap – do chemical magic tricks – or make a wet battery to operate you door bell. You can do these things with my chemistry outfits. Read over the descriptions.

Of Possible Interest

Vintage Ad (1956) Christmas Toys: Medical Kits (Doctor & Nurse)

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Welcome To Old Fashioned Holidays

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

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Gilbert Party Game Kits (puzzles, magic tricks, card tricks) Series: A.C. Gilbert-Menzies (3/4)

In addition to construction kits, Gilbert also produced puzzles and sets of magic and card tricks.

Three Gilbert Puzzles (dexterity)

” ….. such famous puzzles as the Foxy Link, Horse Shoe, Shamrock etc.”

Three Gilbert Mysto Magic Sets

“How would you like to make dollar bills appear in your coat sleeve – or make cigarettes Continue reading

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