Wheel Toy Sets | Series: A.C. Gilbert-Menzies (2/4)

This is a great series of kits that allowed boys (and their fathers I expect) to build toys such as a wheelbarrow, bob sled, snow shovel, hobby horse, go-cart, truck, geared speedster, glider and/or coaster. As with the Erector series there were different models available so you could purchase a small set at the modest price of $9.00  or the complete set for $22.50.

traditional toys - scooter, wagon, go-kart, speedster, coaster

Gilbert Menzies old fashioned toys | early 20th centuryExcerpt:

Here’s the greatest toy of all, boys – a regular humdinger. With this New Wheel Toy you can make a crackerjack coaster and many other fine things, easy as rolling off a log – a sporty wagon, a dandy geared speedster, a glider that is better than the regular ones, a wheelbarrow, a baggage truck that’s the real thing – something new every week.

These toys are not models or flimsy affairs. They are honest-to-goodness ones, exceptionally strong and sturdy – toys that you can get on and ride yourself. All you need is a screwdriver and wrench and the parts in the outfit. With them you can build the glider, wagon, coaster, etc., in no time at all.

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