Gilbert Party Game Kits (puzzles, magic tricks, card tricks) Series: A.C. Gilbert-Menzies (3/4)

In addition to construction kits, Gilbert also produced puzzles and sets of magic and card tricks.

Three Gilbert Puzzles (dexterity)

” ….. such famous puzzles as the Foxy Link, Horse Shoe, Shamrock etc.”

Three Gilbert Mysto Magic Sets

“How would you like to make dollar bills appear in your coat sleeve – or make cigarettes and handkerchiefs disappear? Wouldn’t your friends be surprised!”

Magic trick kit | vintage toy

Gilbert’s Practical Joke Kit

“Here’s an  outfit you can have a pile of fun with. Play harmless tricks on everybody. Contains some of the biggest laugh producing tricks invented, including Sore Finger, Rubber Tacks, Plate Lifter, Raveling Joker, Window Smasher and Magic Ink Spot.”

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