Old-fashioned Easter Jelly Dessert (1877) | “Jello” Nest With Blanc-Mange Eggs

This is an authentic Victorian-era Easter dessert which could be easily modified to use Jello or some similar  commercial product.

Easter Jelly.

Color calf’s-foot jelly a bright yellow by steeping a small quantity of dried saffron leaves in the water.

Pare lemons in long strips about the width of a straw, boil in water until tender, throw them into a rich syrup, and boil until clear.

Make a blanc-mange of cream, color one-third pink with poke-berry syrup, one-third green with spinach, and leave the other white.

Pour out eggs from a hole a half inch in diameter in the large end, wash and drain the shells carefully, set them in a basin of salt to fill, and pour in the blancmange slowly through a funnel, and place the dish in a refrigerator for several hours.

When ready to serve, select a round, shallow dish about as large as a hen’s nest, form the jelly in it as a lining, scatter the strips of lemon peel over the edge like straws, remove the egg-shells carefully from the blanc-mange, and fill the nest with them.—Mrs. C. M. Goates, Philadelphia.

Source: Buckeye cookery and Practical Housekeeping, Estelle Woods Wilcox

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