Recipe for Hot-Cross Buns (1887)

Hot Cross Buns.

Easter desserts, traditional | Old Fashioned Holidays“Two pounds of flour, half a pound of sugar, and a small quantity of grated nutmeg and allspice mixed together. Make a hole in the centre of the flour, and into it put two tablespoonfuls of yeast, pouring in also half a pint of warm milk. With the latter and the surrounding flour make a thin batter; cover the dish, and let it stand before the fire till the leaven begins to ferment. Now add to the whole half a pound of butter melted, and sufficient milk to make all the flour into a soft paste. Dust it over with flour, and let it rise again for half an hour.

Make the dough into the shape of buns, notch out on each the form of the cross, and lay them separately in rows on buttered tin plates to rise once more for half an hour; after which, put them into a quick oven, watching them carefully lest the color should be spoiled by over-baking.”

Source: The Universal Cookery Book, Gertrude Storm (1887)


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