Old Fashioned Easter Party Games – Eggshell Football (1908)

Eggshell Football.

broken egg shellThere is another jolly English game, very simple but exciting. The only apparatus required is an ordinary covered table, four tumblers and an empty egg shell. The table is the field, the shell the ball. Any number of players can take part, though five on a side is usually considered best.

There should be two captains, who kneel one at the head of the table on the right-hand corner, the other at the foot at the left. The players line up on their knees by the sides.

At each end of the field, a foot or so from the edge, may be placed a couple of tumblers or cups to serve as goals posts, and across the top is stretched a piece of ribbon. Now the egg shell is placed in the centre of the table and put in motion by both captains blowing at it. When fairly going the other players tackle with their breath, each side endeavoring to blow the shell through the other’s goal.

The game at once because extremely exciting, the vall veering into a rapid succession of tangents, as the wind blows. If it is wafted through a goal it scores a touchdown, which counts four points for the victorious side. The captain of this side then takes the ball back to the opposite goal and blows it across the table, trying to pass it through the same goal again.

If he succeeds it counts two points more for his side. Thirty minutes is the time limit, the two teams exchanging positions after the first 15 minutes.

Source: Daily True American, 1908

Index: Easter Throughout History

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