Easter Bonbon Box (1887)

Bonbon Box.

Select a box two or three inches high—a round one is best —which has a lid that covers the entire box. Cut some straw or hay in pieces long enough to reach from the top to the edge, and glue it on the sides of the lid, covering them completely.

Prepare as many halves of egg-shells as will cover the top, allowing a space one inch wide around the edge. Glue the shells down, and fill up the spaces between with straw.

Near the edge, on the opposite sides, glue a loop of narrow white ribbon; these loops are to lift it with.Then glue straw on all the uncovered parts of the lid, making it a little thicker and higher at the edges.

When the box is finished it resembles a nest of eggs, and makes an appropriate and acceptable Easter gift.

Source: How to amuse yourself and others, Beard & Beard, 1887


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