Saffron Easter Cake (1875)

Saffron Cake.

Make a strong infusion of saffron in 1\2 pint of new milk, which is done by placing the saffron and milk in a cool oven for some time.

Strain it, and with one-half put a tea-cupful of yeast, in the other half melt 6 oz. of fresh butter; mix the latter with 2 lbs. of dried flour, add the yeast, 4 eggs well -beaten, 4 oz. of powdered loaf sugar, 4 oz. of candied orange-peel, and a dessert-spoonful of powdered ginger.

Let it stand for a little while to rise; work it well together, put it into a buttered hoop, and bake it for not quite an hour. When done and become cold, it may be thickly iced. In many parts of England this is called an Easter cake, from being eaten at that period.

Source: Things a lady would like to know concerning domestic management, Henry Southgate

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