Valentine’s Day Party Should Be Heart-y Event (1948)

Make your valentine party a heart-y shindig. Give the kids plenty to eat, hot drinks and new games to play and you’ll have the gayest time ever.

Invitations should be heart-shaped, of course, with a personal message written on each. Vary your text in each case such as “Have a heart – come to my party,” or “Your heart belongs to me for a Valentine’s Party” or “Your heartbeat will dance a polka at my party.” You probably will dream up lots of intriguing messages that will have the kids ga-ga with excitement.

Ice Breaker

If you decide to invite some kids who aren’t known to your own crowd, here is a dandy game to help get them acquainted. It will break the ice at any party. Even if the kids do know each other, they will enjoy playing it. Here’s how you play “Romance”:

Type or print on small sheets of paper famous lovers of history, folklore, screen, stage or fiction. To start, there is Wallis, Edward, Dante, Beatrice, Napoleon, Josephine, Antony, Cleopatra, John Alden and Priscilla. Give it a little thought and you’ll come up with hundreds of names. Put one on each sheet of paper and pin to the back of each guest when he arrives. Then the fun begins.

For instance, the person who has Naoleon may walk up to you and say “Am I alive?” (Answer:no), “Did I live in America?” (No) Europe (Yes) “Was I a financier?” (no), “a soldier?” (Yes), and so on. By the process of elimination they usually guess who they are before the evening is over. Everybody knows who everybody else is supposed to be. But nobody knows who he is supposed to be until he guesses.

Food served should be interesting to look at as well as tasty. A buffet table is ideal for a large group.

Start with soup. Canned tomato soup,q uick to heat, can be served in cups, topped with slightly saled whipped cram and sprinkled with chopped salted nuts.

Sandwiches should include cream cheese and currant jelly or strawberry jam. Punch out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Munchers will enjoy Smithfield ham (bought in a jar) stuffed in celery.

A candlestick dessert has lots of eye appeal and is simple to prepare. Just stand a banana upright on a saucer (after cutting a slice off one end) top it with whipped cream and marshmallow and a cherry and you’ll have an edible candlestick.

Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle, 1948



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