Valentine Party for Children (1935) | Masquerade Gives chance For Novelties

A fine form of Valentine party is one in which the guests come attired as the most romantic person they can think of. Everyone likes to escape the regular routine and their own personalities and a masquerade is a very good way to do so.

For decorations make enormously big valentines from magazine illustrations pasted on black or colored mat stock and edged about with wide paper lace. Large bowls on hearts on wire stems make amusing bouquets.

A colorful table, according to Good Housekeeping, can be achieved by using broad strips of alternating blue and white crepe paper for a cloth. At intervals over this lay red hearts of varying sizes. An arm of Continental toy soldiers carrying flags which are red hearts smartly combines the Lincoln and Washington birthdays with the Valentine Day effect.

At each boy’s place is a drum filled with salted nuts : at each girl’s a red heart. White candles in silver holders trimmed with bows of red, white and blue ribbon light the table. Plain white papernapkins may be decorated by pasting in one corner two crossed flags with a heart below and above them.

And a good menu is tomato juice cocktail, fried chicken, hot biscuits, cold ham, deviled egg salad, vanilla ice cream, cake and coffee.

Source: Rochester Evening Journal, 1935

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