Let Valentine Dinner Rival Thanksgiving (1935)

Let Valentine Dinner Rival Thanksgiving

Valentine’s Day dinner can be just as much an event as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Try Fruit Cocktail Supreme, Consommé Royale, Broiled Chicken, Currant Jelly, Parisian Potatoes, Broccoli Hollandaise, Endive with French dressing, Burnt Almond Ice Cream and Demi-Tasse.

The Fruit cocktail Supreme calls for one cup canned white cherries, one cup quartered canned apricots, one cup grapefruit pulp and one cup diced orange. Blend fruits (with their juices) and place in refrigerator for several hours. Drain and serve in cocktail glasses, garnishing with pomegranate seeds, rubyettes or maraschino cherries. Serves six.

Then the Consomme Royale. It is simply plain consommé but it is garnished with tiny custard dice,made by beating yolks of three eggs plus one whole egg, adding one-hal cup consommé, one-eigth teaspoon salt and a dash of red pepper. Strain into small buttered shallow mold, place in pan of hot water and bake until set. When cold, cut the custard into very small dice.

Parisian Potatoes are made with small whole potatoes or potato balls, two tablespoons cooking oil and salt and pepper. After peeling place potatoes in shallow pan with oil. Bake in moderately hot oven until tender,turning frequently to brown evenly. Season and serve.

Source: Rochester Evening Journal, 1935

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