Fruit Jelly In A Heart-shaped Mold (1916)

Currant Fruit Jelly Mold | Old Fashioned HolidaysFRUIT JELLY –

The housewife who has on hand some of her own jelly made from raspberries and currants can make a most artistic dessert for a St. Valentine’s luncheon. If the dining room is not too warm, it will also serve as a center piece.

Melt a pint of the home-made jelly and set aside.

Have ready half a box of gelatine dissolved in half a cup of cold water. Bring to a boil in an agate or porcelain sauce pan one scant cup of sugar, one cup of tart orange juice and the juice of half a large lemon. Add the gelatine to this, the melted jelly last and simmer for a few minutes: then pour through a jelly bag into a pitcher.

Dip a deep, heart-shaped mold into cold water, shake out the water but do not wipe with a cloth. Settle this in a bed of chopped ice, and pour in enough of the jelly to cover the bottom of the pan to the depth of half an inch. Have ready a cupful of nicely prepared fresh fruit, small sections of peeled oranges, seeded Malaga grapes, sliced banana, bits of preserved or candied pineapple.

When the jelly has formed a little, arrange a layer of the fruit, sticking it deeply enough in the half formed jelly so it will not move: then pour another layer of the melted jelly over the fruit. Continue this process until the mold is full, set away on ice to chill, turn out on a cut glass dish and surround with whipped cream.

Source: Reading Eagle, February 1916

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