Cupid Cakes (1916)

Cupid Cakes-

Warm but do not melt half a cup of butter. Cream with this two cups of sifted sugar, pulverized or confectioners’ sugar preferred. Add very slowly half a cup of sweet milk, and alternately the whites of four eggs, and one and one-half cups of sifted flour. Finally add a teaspoonful of vanilla or half a teaspoonful of almond flavoring and one heaping teaspoonful of baking power.

Bake in square pans. It should be two inches or a trifle less in thickness when baked. Cut this, when cool, in heart-shaped cakes (the scraps can be used for queen pudding later) and ice with rose icing.

To make the latter, drop into cold bowl the white of one egg, and a teaspoonful of cold water. Stir into this gradually, sifted confecitoners’ sugar,rose flavoring and cochineal coloring.

When thick  enough to spread, but not run, ice the tops and side of the little cakes. It should be a delicate pink. In the cente of each iced cake you can stick half a candied cherry with two leaf-shaped bits of angelica.

Source: Reading Eagle, February 1916

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