Making Valentine Cards At School In West Virginia (1871)

The week of February 14th should be one of the brightest spots in the children’s school life. The story of good old St. Valentine and his loving deeds should be told.

Let the children make valentines. Let them cut hearts by folding a piece of paper; starting at the fold cut the shape of half a heart, beginning at the lobe; open and they have a heart. A little practice and very good hearts will be the result.

These can be decorated on one side with water-colors, ink, or crayola. Some pretty verse may be written on the other side.

Envelopes can be made by folding the corners of a square paper to the center; fastening the three corners together by pasting a small, colored, paper heart over them.

On Valentines day, you can study the postal system by talking about it and by having a play post office. Let the children mail their letters, send out carriers to collect them and to deliver.

This can be made very instructive as well as a pleasure.

Source: The West Virginia school journal, 1871

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