Wassail Bowl Dessert Sauce, Good Housekeeping, 1888

Last of all these old dishes is the wassail-bowl, which is familiar in sound enough, but which is hardly ever seen in this country. It is not such a guilty dish as it would appear, and if it got into popular use would relegate the much more dangerous punch-bowl to its dark corner.

To make this famous wassail-bowl one has only to grate half a pound of macaroons, the same of ratafias, and a dozen small spongecakes into a large bowl–the handsomer this is the pleasanter the dish—and squeeze the juice of a lemon upon them; then whipping half a dozen eggs with a quarter of a pound of sugar and a pinch of nutmeg and cloves, drop into the conglomerate mass, stirring all the while, the boiling contents of a bottle of sherry diluted with half as much water, and when it thickens pour it over the grated biscuit and cakes.

It is literally a “dish to set before the king,” and is wholesome and healthful as well as delicious.

Source: Good Housekeeping,1888

Index: Historic Holiday Recipes & Menu Suggestions

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