Index: Historic Holiday Recipes & Menu Suggestions



Historic Christmas Recipes: Clam Bisque For A Christmas Dinner (1889)

Historic Christmas Recipes: Ideal Roll For Christmas Dinner (1889)



Christmas Recipes: Turkey, Oyster dishes (1838)

Christmas Recipes: Turkey with stuffing, 1885 | German, English

What To Do With Leftover Turkey: Historical Recipes From 1880s

Meat Pies

Christmas Recipes: Yorkshire Pie (1774)

English Christmas Mince Meat Pies (1889)



Lady C. Lamb’s Twelfth Cake (1824)

Christmas Dessert Recipes: Christmas Cake (1880)

Historic Dessert Recipes: Dixie New Year’s Fruit Cake (1883)

Country House New Year’s Cake (1883)

Mrs.Arnold’s New Year’s Cakes(1885)

Cakes For Christmas Tree (1887)

Bessie’s Valentine Cakes – A Victorian Recipe Poem, 1888

Christmas Dessert Recipes: Christmas Cake (1889)

Cupid Cakes (1916)

Sister Mary’s Raspberry Sponge Cake (1929)

Saffron Cake For Easter (1875)


Christmas Dessert Recipes: Plum pudding, 1872

Recipe: Old English Christmas Plumb (Pound) Puddings, 1880

Historic Christmas Dessert Recipes: Three Christmas Puddings from 1880

Recipe For A Traditional (1884) Plum Pudding And Plum Pudding Sauce


Easter Plum Pudding (1877)

Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes (1890)

Other Sweets

Mr. Wallace’s Scots Niceties For New Year’s Day | Currant Buns | 1824

Christmas Dessert Recipes: Charlotte Russe (1889)

Christmas Gifts: Home Made Candy/Cookie Recipes (1884)

Wassail Bowl Dessert Sauce, Good Housekeeping, 1888

Fruit Jelly In A Heart-shaped Mold (1916)

Three Vintage Desserts | Heart-shaped Cookies (1935)


Maple-wax Easter Eggs – A Victorian Era Treat

Vintage Easter Desserts (1933) | Easter Egg Shells


Mr. Wallace’s Scots Niceties For New Year’s Day |  Ale/Whiskey | 1824

Recipes For Wassail, Lamb’s Wool And Metheglin/Hydromel | 1863

Town And Country Simple Egg Nog (1870)

Aunt Jane’s Egg Nog (1877)

Wassail Bowl Dessert Sauce, Good Housekeeping, 1888

MENUS (with/without recipes)

Menu Suggestions For A New Year’s Dinner (1881)

Suggestions For A New Year’s Table In 1887

19th Century Thanksgiving Feast: Menu And Recipes

Let Valentine Dinner Rival Thanksgiving (1935) | recipes

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