Old Fashioned English Christmas Mince Meat Pies (1889)


Make some fine pastry ; roll it thin. Line small patty pans with it, and in the centre of them put a mound of rich mince meat.

Pour over them a teaspoonful of sherry or port wine. Moisten the margins and lay on neatly cut covers. Press the covers of the margins together (not the edges).

Brush the patties over with white of egg ; sift a little sugar over them, make a small slit in the centre, and bake them a pale brown.


One pound of finely chopped suet. One pound of chopped and seeded raisins. One pound and a half of currants. Three-quarters of a pound of sugar. Two pounds of tart apples, chopped. Two ounces each of candied lemon, orange and citron peel. One small teaspoonful of salt, two of cinnamon, one of cloves, one of mace, one nutmeg.

Mix together with half a pint of brandy and the same quantity of sherry.

In making a large family pie with this mince meat do not lay it in the dish more than an inch thick ; being so rich, less of it is needed. The pastry should be very light and moderately thick.

Source: The Home-maker, 1889, Catherine Owen


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