Recipe: Old English Christmas Plumb (Pound) Puddings (1880)

Old English Christmas Plumb Puddings.

The Harrisburg Telegraph furnishes its readers with a recipe for the real ” Old English Christmas Plumb Pudding.” After having given this pudding a fair test, I am willing to endorse every word of it; and wish for the holiday to come oftener than once a year:

” To make what is called a pound pudding; take of raisins well stoned but not chopped, currants thoroughly washed, 1 lb. each; chop suet, 1 lb., very finely, and mix with them; add % lb. of flour or bread very finely crumbled; 3 ozs. of suger; \% ozs. of grated lemon peel, a blade of “mace, % of a small nutmeg, 1 tea-spoon of ginger; % doz. of eggs, well beaten; work it well together, put it in a cloth, tie it firmly, allowing room to swell; put it into boiling water, and boil not less than two hours. It should not be suffered to stop boiling.

The cloth, when about to be used, should be dipped into boiling water, squeezed dry, and floured; and when the pudding is done, have a pan of cold water ready, and dip it in for a moment, as soon as it comes out of the pot, which prevents the pudding from sticking to the cloth. For a dip gravy for this or other puddings, see the “Biscuit Pudding without Ke-Baking,” or “Spreading Sauce for Pudding.”

Source: Dr. Chase’s recipes: or,
Information for everybody: an invaluable collection of about eight hundred practical recipes

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