St Nicholas/Sinder Klaas In Switzerland, German, Netherland

In many parts of Switzerland, History of Santa ClausGermany, and the Netherlands St. Nicholas still distributes his presents on St. Nicholas’s Eve— the 5th of December—instead of on Christmas-eve.

In the Netherlands and adjoining provinces he is especially popular, and is perhaps the only saint who has maintained his full credit, even among the Protestants. For days previous to his expected advent busy housewives have been secretly conspiring with the bakers in gilding nuts, cakes, and gingerbread, and torturing pastry, prepared with Hour, sugar, honey, spices, and sweetmeats, into the most fantastical forms, from which the good saint may from time to time replenish his supplies.

As to the children, St. Nicholas or Sinder Klaas is the burden of their prayers, the staple of their dreams, aud the inspiration of their songs. As they importune him to let fall from the chimney-top some pretty gift into their little aprons, they go on singing with childish fervor,

“Sunder Klano dn gode Bloot!
Breng’ mi Niiiit un Zuckerbrod,
Nil tit to veel an nich to rninn
Smiet in mine Sctaiirteu in!”

Source: Harper’s Magazine, 1873

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