History of Christmas Decorations | Vintage Advertisement from the 1930s

Dress Up Your Tree

About everything you will want to dress up the average tree. See what it contains – Three colored glass Birds to clip on branches, three silver-colored glass Bugles, two bright colored tinkling glass Bells, 12 feet of sparkling, silver-colored Tinsel, 1 inch wide: eight strings of ½ inch colored glass Beads, thirty-two glass Ornaments and one fancy tree-top ornament.

Novel Little Houses

Made of cardboard, each a different shape, brightly colored and sparkling. About 2 ½ ins. High. Hang on the tree or arrange them to form a quaint little Wintry Christmas village table centre.

Colorful Beads

To brighten up the tree or room. Cheerfully colored oval and round blow Glass Beads. Ten strings in a box, each string about nine inches long

Tree Assortment

A splendid assortment of 20 different decorations, all shapes and sizes that will brighten up the tree. Bright shaped stars, silvery snow-covered bells, garlands, Santa Claus figures and gaily colored ornaments. Bells, cross, stars, twenty articles in each box.

Glittering Rain

Silvery colored ribands of realistic rain to sparkle on your tree. Fireproof and will not tarnish. An effective touch when draped freely on the branches.

Cheery Tinsel Ornaments

For Christmas trees or other decorative schemes in assorted shapes and designs. Bright, sparkling tinsel and Red and Silver colored ornaments.

Artificial Snow

Glittering realistic Snow – sprinkle it on the tree and gifts. Very effective.

Glass Ornaments

Gay and amusing, three tinkling Bells, each a different color: four birds with spun glass tails and metal clips for attaching to tree and three sound-making trumpets.

Source: Eaton’s Catalogue, 1934

Old Fashioned Holidays | Christmas Indexes

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