Old Fashioned Christmas in Belgium | St. Nicholas

Old Fashioned ChristmasST. NICHOLAS

In Belgium, on the eve of the good bishop’s aerial voyage in his pastoral visitation of his bishopric of chimney-tops, the children polish their shoes, and after filling them with hay, oats, or carrots for the sain’s white horse, they put them on a table, or set them in the fire-place.

The room is then carefully closed and the door locked. Next morning it is opened in the presence of the assembled household, when, mirabile dicta the furniture is found to be turned topsy-turvy, while the little shoes, instead of horse’s forage, are filled with sweetmeats aud toys for the good children, aud with rods for the bad ones.

In some places wooden or China shoes, stockings, baskets, cups and saucers, and even bundles of hay, are placed in the chimney, or by the side of the bed, or in a corner of the room, as the favorite receptacles of St. Nicholas’s presents.


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