Make Vintage (1945) Style Ornaments To Add To Christmas Tree

This article on how to Make ornaments to add to Christmas Tree first appeared in the Herald Journal in December, 1945.

Even if you have a quantity of Christmas ornaments for your tree, it is nice to add to your collection each year. Some that you can make yourself can be prettier and more original than any you can purchase in the stores. Here are some dieas for home made ornaments as suggested by Dennison:

TO MAKE A PAPER Christmas ball, cover a small rubber ball with wax paper. Cut strips of white or colored crepe paper across the grain one and one-half inches wide. Stretch and wrap the crepe strips around teh ball, pasting as you wrap. Cover the ball smoothly with several layers of paper. Then slash the paper ball in half and remove the inner rubber ball. Paste the 2 halves of the paper ball together again and rewrap with strips of crepe paper. Decorate ball with narrow strips of crepe paper in contrasting color, stretched and twisted between the fingers to form a paper twist or thread. Paste the twist on the ball in attractive designs. Insert a loop of wire or thread in top of ball for hanging on the tree.

A STOCKING CAN be made out of 4 layers of white crepe paper. Cut the toe and heel sections of 4 layers of red crepe paper. Place 2 layers of the toe and heel sections on top of 2 stocking layers and stitch together around the outer edge. Make ruffle of red crepe paper cut across the grain 2 inches wide. Gather lengthwise through center with needle and thread, then sew around top of stocking. Finish with green ribbon bow and tiny gold bell.

TO MAKE A MITTEN, cut shape out of 4 layers of white crepe paper. Paste 2 layers together at the wrist. Then sew them together around the outer edge with red crepep paper twist. To make the twist, cut a strip of red crepe paper across the grain one-half inch wide. Twist the paper between the fingers. This forms a coarse thread. Decorate the back of the mitten with red gummed stars.

MIRROR MAGIC – Mirrors lend enchantment to Christmas decorations. Take a bunch of evergreen and sew small Christmas tree balls on it. From this little cluster of balls and evergreen, silver ribbon can be dropped with little silver bells at the end. One of these tacked to either side of your mirror so that the reflection shows in the irror will lend a lovely Yule touch.

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