Index: Christmas Around The World | Historical Texts


Old Fashioned Christmas In Belgium (1880s)


An Acadian “buche de noel” (Yule log)

Christmas in Canada (1870) | “Canadian life is fast losing its picturesqueness”

History of Christmas in Canada (1884) / Old Fashioned Christmas

Christmas in Canada / Christmas Eve in Montreal (1888)


Old English Christmas Traditions (1823) With Anglo-Saxon Roots

Christmas Eve in North Notts Fifty Years Ago (1830s) | Ancient English Christmas Traditions

Ancient English Christmas Traditions: The Christmas Box – An early 19th century essay about Christmas in the 18th century

History of Christmas In Sussex (1883)

Old English Christmas Traditions


Christmas In Finland (1883)


Christmas At The Imperial German Court In The 1880s

An Englishman’s Visit To Germany (1882)

Christmas In The Fatherland (Germany, 1884)


Christmas Traditions In Italy (1874) Through The Eyes Of An Englishman


History of Christmas Traditions In Scotland (1833) by Andrew Halliday


History of Christmas in Sweden | Yule tide in the Northland (1889)


Christmas in Siam (1884)



The Holidays In Early Louisiana, 1700s New

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One Response to Index: Christmas Around The World | Historical Texts

  1. EcoHustler says:

    Merry Apocalypse

    Christmas is a time for family, tradition, good food and coming together to remember what is important in life. Right? Wrong! Christmas has been hijacked by the Dark Side and now is ‘the retail event of the year’ or, put another way, the peak of the annual consumption calendar, or, put another way, exactly what is killing the biosphere. So this Christmas you might think… ‘what would Jesus buy’?

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