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 New Index: Christmas in Canada Through Historical Images

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3 Responses to Content moved – click on picture to reach image or link to reach new index

  1. Madison says:

    There is something reminds me of Angel hair Its called snow in a can.
    You are suopposed to spray it on your tree and it makes it look like snow fell all over your tree. It looks really nice.
    Do you know what it is ?
    If you do please reply and let me know.

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Mrs.Thériault!
    I really like the way you described the angel hair when you were growing up and how you told us that it was spiky. You are a good describer! 🙂
    I don’t know if they still sell some angle hair, but I use some fake snow. It is not called angle hair, but it looks like it. They are is this spray cans that you can spray on the windows too! It is funny because sometimes if there is some left, my dad would use it to kill the spiders outside. 🙂 So my dad buys a lot because he doesn’t like spiders.
    Well, bye bye and keep up the good work Mrs.Thériault. At All Things Quebec!

  3. Arnaud says:

    Hi my name is Arnaud. I can connect to what you just wrote because I personally have angel hair at home. I put it on my tree and beside the tree. Do you have other stuff that you can actually can blog about? What do you like the most about Christmas?

    At Christmas my Angel hair is different it is the new faction one.

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