Index: The Holy Family (Christmas Images,Stories & Traditions)

Nativity creches (also known as mangers, cribs)

Christmas in Provence (1864) Creches| Historical Accounts of Nativity Scenes

South American Christmas Creche (1864) | Historical  Accounts of Nativity Scenes

19th Century Christmas in Poland (1872) – The Creche | Historical Accounts of Nativity Scenes

Christmas essay (1883): Traditional Christmas creche, crib, grotto, manger, presepio

Vintage (1939) Christmas Mangers – Images

Images of the Holy Family (Joseph, Mary and Jesus)

External Link: Baby Jesus lying in straw: Quebec

External Link: Infant Jesus in cart pulled by lamb

External Link: Nativity Scene | 1920

External Link: Joseph and Mary Look Lovingly At Their Infant Jesus | 1933

External Link: Winged angels and newborn Jesus | 1929

External Link:  Quebec Noel – The Holy Family In A Manger Scene | 1930

External Link: The Blessed Virgin Mary With Crescent Moon At Her Feet | Early 20th century

External Link :Christmas in Quebec: Joyeuses fetes de Noel

Images of the Madonna and Child (Mary and Jesus)

Christmas Image of Madonna and child (1934)

Christmas Images (14) of Mother And Child On Postage Stamps

Images related to the Christmas Story

Vintage Christmas Postcard – The Three Wise Men

Old Fashioned Holidays | Christmas Indexes

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