Index: Christmas Gift-givers And Gift-giving

Gift-givers (St-Nicolas, Father Christmas, Santa Claus etc.)

Father Time New Year baby, Santa Claus and others in sleigh

A 19th Century Elf-like Father Christmas With Horse-drawn Sleigh

External Link: Papa Santa Claus hands out gifts | 1893

External Link: Father Christmas Shakes Hands with Father Time | 1893

External Link: Canadian Santa With Old Fashioned Toys | 19th Century

American Christmas Postage Stamps – Santa Claus

External Link: Canadian Santa with bag full of toys climbs into chimney | 1922

St Nicholas/Sinder Klaas In Switzerland, German, Netherlands

St Nicholas according to the Book of Days (1832)

External Link: Santa Claus Drinking Molson Beer | 1919

Santa Claus Image from 1897 | Canadian Illustrated News

Jolly Old Saint Nicolas, Lean Your ear this way! | Old Fashioned Christmas Songs

Vintage (1930s) Santa Claus Costume and Mask

Vintage Christmas Advertisement (1938): Santa Claus Figure

Vintage Christmas Ad (1938) | Santa Claus Masks

Old Fashioned Christmas in Belgium | St. Nicholas

Gift-givers (other than the above)

Christmas Traditions In Alsace – Christmas Maiden,Hans Trapp, Ruprecht

Christmas Stockings

External Link: Old Fashioned Canadian Gifts: Christmas Stockings | 1915, 1918, 1939


Christmas Boxes & Boxing Day (1824)

History of Boxing Day (1839)

The History of Boxing Day (1845) ~ Hervey

Old Fashioned Christmas Gifts

19th Century Children Play With Christmas Gifts | 1879

Toyland – Christmas Shopping in London in 1884  Recent

Nineteenth Century image of boy riding rocking horse | 1885 Recent

Old Fashioned Homemade Christmas Gifts | 1886

Christmas Toys Of The 1930s | Three Toy Wagons, 1935/36

Vintage Ad (1938) Christmas Toys: Lionel Train Sets

Old Fashioned Toys Of The 1930s | Wagons And Horses

Christmas Toys Of The 1940s | Spinning Tops

Christmas Toys Of the 1940s | Cloverdale Farm

Christmas Toys Of The 1940s | Vintage Dollhouse And Miniature Furniture (1948/49)

Christmas Toys of the 1950s | Battery operated Sub Machine “Burp gun”

Christmas Toys Of The 1950s: Annie Oakley Costume & Accessories

Vintage Ad (1956) Christmas Toys: Medical Kits (Doctor & Nurse)

Christmas Toys Of The 1950s | Dolls – Brides & Toddlers (1956)

Vintage Christmas Toys (1956) “Here I Am” Moulded Vinyl Doll

Old Fashioned (Christmas, 1956) Black Baby Doll

Old Fashioned Holidays | Christmas Indexes

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