Index: Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Nineteenth Century

Old Fashioned Christmas Vase From The 1870s

Old fashioned (1870s) Christmas Decorations: Evergreens And Plants

Old Fashioned Christmas Crafts: Paper Flowers Ornaments From 1872

A Ride With The Holly | 1877  Recent


Twentieth Century

Old fashioned Red Tissue Paper Christmas Bells (1915/16)

Traditional Green Christmas Garland (1915/16)

Christmas Table Decorations: Artificial Plants (1939)

Vintage Tabletop Christmas Decorations (1939)

Vintage Santa Claus Figures (composite, 1939)


Vintage Wreaths (1939)

Vintage Electrified Holly Wreath (1938)

Vintage Merry Christmas Wreath (1938)

Christmas Warmth and Light (fire)

Ancient English Christmas Traditions – Candles


Hints For Christmas Decorations (and a recipe) From 1887

Old Fashioned Holidays | Christmas Indexes

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