Index: Christmas Trees & Trimming

– Christmas trees, living –

History of Christmas Trees, Evergreens, Mistletoe | Pagan Beliefs | 1846

A Christmas Tree For Christ’s Children | Tabletop tree (1859)

External Link: ’Arbre de Noel | Mother and children in modest home | 1897

A Christmas Tree – Trimmed With Toys (1864)

The Wonderful Christmas Tree (1882)

(B/W) 19th Century American Christmas Tree Image   Most Recent

Traditional Christmas Tree (1897) | L’Arbre de Noel

Christmas Tree Poem (1895) | I am a tree, a Christmas tree

The Pagan Roots Of Christmas Trees (essay)

– Christmas trees, artificial –

Artificial Goose-feathered Christmas Tree (1939)

Vintage (1939) Tabletop Christmas Tree (artificially lit)

Old Fashioned Christmas Frosted Pine Trees

– Christmas trees, trimming –

Wrapped-chocolate Christmas Tree Ornaments (1915/1916)

Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments (1906)

Old Fashioned Christmas Novelties (1915/1916)

Traditional Christmas Decorations | Christmas Tree Tinsel (1915/16)

Old Fashioned Christmas in the 1930s – Hand blown Glass Trumpet

Twelve blown glass ornaments (1934) | Old fashioned Christmas

Dozens Of Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments (1938))

Early 20th Century – Electric Sparklers For Christmas Tree

1941 Vintage Christmas Ornament Crafts | Novel Decorations For Christmas Trees

Make Vintage (1945) Style Ornaments To Add To Christmas Tree

Christmas Ornaments: Pre And Post WWII (1946)

Christmas Lights

Christmas In The 1930s – Christmas Tree Lights

History of Electric Christmas Tree Lights (1920s)

Vintage Christmas Outdoor Lights (1938)

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