Old Fashioned Christmas Crackers (1915/1916)

Old fashioned Christmas, Period advertisements are a great source of information about “real” Christmases past and this 1915/16 ad for Christmas crackers is no exception.

Christmas crackers first appeared in the mid 19th century and are still present in many 21st century homes (including mine). In our home we burst our Christmas crackers on Christmas Day in the afternoon just after opening our presents and before our Christmas meal.

The ad to your left is from an Eaton’s mail order catalogue and offers an assortment of Christmas crackers ranging in price from 15 cents to a dollar and fifty cents per box.

Each set has a theme such as:  jewels, the navy, Japan, musical toys and Britannia. They contain novelties such as puzzles, musical toys, head dresses, umbrellas, holly sprays, hats and caps, charms etc.


Old Fashioned Holidays | Christmas Indexes




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